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Used Gaylords at Container Exchanger

Container Exchanger specializes in used gaylord boxes. We have reliable gaylord supplies in many locations throughout the nation. Our used gaylords are sorted for defects before they are shipped. We have full bottom cratons & gaylords, partial bottom cratons & gaylords, and slip-sheets (octagon gaylords with a partial bottom, but we include a sheet of cardboard to drop in the bottom of the box to cover the hole). Look through our Used Gaylord Boxes category to see the styles, locations, and prices that are available now.

What are Gaylord Boxes?

Gaylord Boxes and Craton Boxes are large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes. They are an affordable, expendable solution to one-way shipments of consumable products. Most used gaylords come from plastic injection molders, where the boxes once held raw plastic resins. Other boxes can come from storing food products, such as watermelons or lettuce. Clearly, due to the different uses for large cardboard boxes, there are many different styles, thicknesses, and weight capacities. No matter what your requirements are, purchasing used gaylord boxes can be challening. There is often more demand than supply, and significant quantities are going to be the minimum purchase amounts.

Gaylord Box

Sizes of bulk carboard boxes can vary significantly, but many boxes are sized for either 40"x48" pallets or 45"x45" pallets. Thickness of the boxes can range from 2 layers of cardboard all the way up to 5 layers of cardboard. The number of wall layers is a pretty good indication of the overall strength of the box, where the more layers of cardboard indicate a stronger box. However, this is not always the case, as some bulk cardboard boxes have thicker individual layers than other boxes. Some boxes are rated for a particular capacity, so it is often recommended that you inquire about this feature before purchasing a box.

Used gaylords are ideal for many industries, such as plastic compounders, recycling companies, plastic parts manufacturers, and bulk materials companies.

Follow this link to see a representation of our used gaylord boxes.


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